Comment: Gene Chapman, Gov for Texas

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Gene Chapman, Gov for Texas

Has some great takes on law, legislation, peace, and the state. Not sure if he filed and definitely wont be with the Texas GOP.

Clearly, Mr. Wrights believes in the current tax system's right to exist, else he would say, "taxes should not exist," as I propose. He believes in the right for the state to enslave the individual, one would conclude. If it has the right to tax, then it has the right to use force against the individual. As a Tolstoyan-Gandhian Libertarian, I do not believe the state has the moral right to exist, much less use force against individuals at any level. I hold the Rothbardian view that the state should be something we seek to abolish, not compromise with. The very "legislation" Mr. Wrights assumes in his statement should not exist, so that we may live the Kingdom conception of life, as proposed by Leo Tolstoy's famous book, "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You."

Southern Agrarian