Comment: While I agree with you in principle

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While I agree with you in principle

In practice, it's not going to happen. Think of an immune system. We're barely a blip on their "T-cell list".

If we grow to the point to really threaten their power, don't you think they'll react to the point of an immune system and start exterminating the threat? All power hungry tyrants of the past have done the same thing. Lenin, Castro, Stalin, etc.

It doesn't matter what system of government we put in place the results are always the same.

You can never give another human being power over another without it being abused. There isn't a single point in human history we can reliably say (see this was different). The U.S. was supposed to be different, but it wasn't (See Whiskey Rebellion) power did what it always does. Accumulates more for itself while subjugating the populace for its own selfish ends.

The problem isn't with government, the problem is with us. Since most people barely have the intelligent fortitude to govern themselves giving that power to a "state" or "government" seems ridiculous at best, indoctrination of slavery at worst.

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

Harriet Tubman

Never give another human, state, or government power to make decisions over another. The end result given enough time is always the same. Slavery, oppression, war, genocide, democide, all are products of government.