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It's the Principle that matters most

Of course practically it won't happen. There is no saving of this old system and that is not the goal. The goal is to transition away from this illusionary facade of government.

What this sick immune system doesn't understand is that the disease is vastly outnumbered by "dormant cells" slowly activating one by one, building mass until it consumes the diseased "organs" chocking it off from it's life source: Darkness/Secrecy.

Unlike the present day, people who suffered under the collusion of tyrants like the ones you mentioned, didn't see beyond their own borders and didn't see the bigger, global picture as we do with the help of the internet. We have never faced tyranny with a free-flow of information like this EVER before. Now the news is increasingly in the hands of the people and not Corporate controlled media.

Never give another human, state, or government power to make decisions over another. The end result given enough time is always the same. Slavery, oppression, war, genocide, democide, all are products of government.

All are products of SECRECY in Government. As transparency continues to grow, more and more people come forward exposing this world-wide oppression and realizing that it and ANY form of it ever existed because of the publics ignorance of the Truth.

This system is dying and it has ALREADY begun to attack the "cells" that seek to destroy it: Michael Hastings, prosecuting Manning and other whistleblowers like Snowden, stealing elections from Ron Paul, the IRS targeting specific groups, etc. etc.

I agree though, the next system of governance cannot be centralized. It needs to be spread out in some fashion either across some formal governing body or the citizens themselves. This old sh*t just doesn't work anymore.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin