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I appreciate it PAF :)

If one wants to grow awareness, one must become more aware—not only on what's going on out there but also that which we all have going on within. All this anger, frustration, even desperation that this system of deception induces, hangs by a very thin line. Their strength is in the secrecy of their workings.

Their "achilles heel" is information—Free-flowing Information. This information is now acting as a catalyst in cutting that thin line that suspends it all. Even though the real PTB aren't that one guy in a round office, doesn't mean they don't need him. They require that "Mask" to conceal their face—to make all this bullsh*t look legit and sign some papers and read some words on tv that the population somehow acquiesces to.

We've just been lazy information gatherers and have given in to the spoon feeding of information for too long. We need to grow up and take responsibility for our own awareness, and in the last few years, there has been anything but a shortage of awake and aware individuals communicating relevant information on a scale and momentum unlike any other period in human existence, EVER. We're finally beginning to understand the power of this silly thing called Internet—technologically-assisted global consciousness.

I'm pretty sure that's a big f***ing deal ;)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin