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Comment: I would like...

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I would like...

to focus some of the DP brainpower on a small task.

Let's put together a list of things that our law enforcement officer should know with regard to the just laws. Then we can distribute the list so people can use it to question an officer whenever they are stopped.

For example:
Hello sir. License and registration and proof of insurance please.

Hello officer. In order to ensure this exchange goes smoothly and according to the letter of the law, this exchange is being recorded live to an internet based forum for review. Now, are you aware that:
(now list the relevant rules like appropriate amendments guaranteeing rights, applicable laws to traffic stops, regulations the officer can/cannot follow, options available to the person stopped)

Sir, I don't have to answer your questions. Would you provide the information I requested.

Excuse me, officer but please call another officer or supervisor who performs his or her duties according to the oath they took. I'll wait patiently.