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You miss a couple points

On the attrition rate, have you been around younger kids lately? Of our 9 grand kids, some are near and get our influence while some are living in 'average' sheep-type homes. Those kids and their parents are not only snowed over but adamant and violently defensive of it. Every single show they frequent on television reinforces this mantra. It's insane. This is also the trend among our friends' families and their neighbors. I'm convinced we're losing more than we're gaining.

However, have hope because my other point wasn't that we shouldn't wake people up. It was that we shouldn't worry much about it either way. Twitter and FB did pop up organically (as far as the internet masses know) and since it was useful and fun, they jumped on board. If we want a different certain tool to become available, we just need to identify the needs it should satisfy and then model it so as to become fun, useful and basically addictive. IMHO, that's much much easier than gathering thousands behind a cause (which is the ultimate goal of awareness).

All I'm saying is that we should use the net as it works best. Foster those organic trends that promote real change and the change will happen on its own.