Comment: With all of the publicity

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With all of the publicity

of the police state and the violence that it brings to so many situations why on Earth would we want to further encourage that mindset? Most dangerous situations that cops face wouldn't exist without the hegemony of the state and without legislatures or docile public continuing to further criminalize even more mundane behavior. Police are arguably the biggest threat to most civilized people in the nation. Gangs form because young men all over the nation have to organize themselves to get a higher survival rate on the streets with all the government parasites roaming around. Tell me something...are you aware of how many innocent people were murdered by cops this year?

Now how many cops were murdered by the people? How many machine gun raids did police execute on innocent people? How many tax dollar funded weapons of war did we furnish them? How many cages did they manage to put people in? How many prisons do they want us to fund so that when our legislature criminalizes our behavior we can go sit it in them?

The state's argument is a losing one. Promote the second amendment, personal responsibility and disband law enforcement.