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A whole slew of unloving circumstance pushed my pal this week to the real thing, learned today of his suicide. Blinded by the housing crunch he lost 2 of his investment houses last year, and was having trouble keeping his overly mortaged life long home afloat. He was working at age 72 daily taking down huge trees with his crane truck, but could not keep up with the banks, he could have decided to go bankrupt, but chose to work his way out. The straw that tipped his cart was a neighbor who beotched about his yard and upkeep. A willing city and their enforcement codes pushed him pass the point of sanity. Like Cilente says when people have lost much they are going to loose it. I'm crushed and will miss him. I tried to encourage him way too many times, just too much weight crushed the spirit.

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Ramblin Randy