Comment: Sibel's full of shit on this

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Sibel's full of shit on this

Sibel's full of shit on this one. Sadly, she's not unique in this respect. GG's been addressing this line of baseless nonsense and speculative hyperbole for weeks now (some of the points, for months). As but the latest example, see:, and see his Twitter timeline from tonight (and/or as far back as the announcement of the new venture, for that matter).

Skepticism is warranted, of course, particularly when it comes to Omidyar, but including GG as well. No argument from me there.

But illogical and paranoid ramblings filled with easily-refuted outright fabrications topped off with attempted character assassination (OMG, he was an investor in a porn venture!) -- an apt description of this ridiculous tripe from Sibel -- is unworthy of the bump I'm unfortunately giving it by posting this comment.

P.S. You've got mail. :-)