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First, I did not create the poster/picture

I found it at a site I go to regularly and as an atheist... I found it thought provoking. There is a source link to the site under the pic. I want more people to research the TRUTH behind the orgins of religion and break the chains of religious indoctrination. People need to lose the fear of the unknown. Its a wonderful world. False stories from thousands of years ago need to go into the dust bin of history.

The most important reason to question believing in God or indeed believing anything is the simple fact that truth should matter. So long as truth matters to you, then you should care whether what you believe is true or not. If you care whether what you believe is true or not, then you should be willing to question what you believe and subject it to critical scrutiny. Testing what you believe against logic and evidence is the only way ensure that what you believe is more likely true than not. If you won't question what you believe, then you can't care much about truth.

Religious Claims Have Been Proven Wrong So Often

The number of religious claims that have been proven wrong, and absurd, is so large that it probably isn't even possible to create a full list. Even religious theists will agree that if we were to create a list of all religious beliefs ever held by humans, most would be wrong. Given this incredibly poor record, how reliable can we treat the relatively small number of claims that are still being disputed? Of course, this isn't proof that they are definitely wrong, but it does suggest that religions do not produce reliable, accurate information and knowledge. That should give us good reasons for skepticism.

Not Everyone's God Can Exist

Large numbers of people have believed in a god or gods over the millennia, but they've all believed in different gods. It's not possible for them to all exist which means that most of these beliefs (if not all) have been wrong. Maybe you happen to be one of the few who happen to be right and happen to believe in the only god or gods on that long list which actually exist, but the chances of that aren't very high. This should be a good reason to ask hard questions about theism and religion.

Talking snakes, donkeys, virgins giving birth, buried man returning to life, all knowing all powerful playmate in the sky? Good grief...THINK what you are being forced to accept as reality?

But, I love all my DPers in liberty...I just like to speak out on religious dogma periodically. I did put it in the religious heading so it could have been ignored.