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Alternative (or, Truthful) Audio and Video on Dentistry

Here are videos and one audio lecture discussing dentistry's pitfalls you might want to add to the dentistry section:

1) Cholesterol 222 (audio)
2) 60 Minutes USA
3) 60 Minutes New Zealand
4) 60 Minutes Australia
5) Biochemistry
6) Coors Study
7) Hidden Danger
8) Toxic Teeth
9) Informed Consent: Diagnostics
10) Root Canal, The Inside Story
11) Rooted (at
12) Hidden Dental Pathology Conference: The Holistic Dental Practice (1 hour, 50 minutes). Presentation by Michael Margolis, DDS, friend of Wesley Shankland, DDS, MS, PhD. Was a VHS tape available on Stockton's website.
13) Hidden Dental Pathology Conference: Kineseology Testing of Dental Patients (50 minutes). Presentation by Robert Broe, LMT. Was a VHS tape available on Stockton's website. Perhaps the video is available on Broe's website.

I recommend those videos and the audio lecture because I've seen them all and listen to the one lecture. One to 10 are available at Huggins' website. His website has a few more videos (which I want to buy some day) and many books, several of which I own and one I noticed a few minutes ago skimming Huggins online store and would like to read, River of Hope, a story about a woman who beat a dreadful disease. Even though I want to read that story, I really want to buy Huggins' recently published Stories Written in Blood, a 6 DVD set on dental materials and their impact on health in particular on biochemistry proved by DNA analysis. I bet this set's going to be great. I want it.

Even though Stockton might have left us, here is an article of hers I remember reading years ago. It's a good one.

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