Comment: Who gets to decide (or choose)?

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Who gets to decide (or choose)?

The most efficient configuration of the solar system is as a Matrioshka Brain. This will preserve all the sun's output and use it to think.

Who gets to decide whether you or I get to be taken apart so that our matter can be made into a part of this great contraption?

Me, I want to wrap all the stars in Matrioshka Brains, and then figure out how to turn them off and ration the energy, to help the universe live longer.

But in doing so we may be taking apart other life forms. Why should my vision of extending the end of the universe trump their right to survive?

I agree, Liberty may not survive the "with great power", as not all of us have great responsibility.

I read Engines of Creation in the early 90s, and Nano (by Ed Regis) in the mid 90s. Nano is still an excellent book, a great story and informative. The reviews say Drexler's new book is more whiny and just a rehash -- I haven't read it, but reading the reviews at Amazon made me think perhaps I won't.

To follow developments in nanotechnology, The Foresight Institute has a newsletter. (Edit: it's .org, not .com!)

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