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Comment: In a free market nothing is legal, regulation is voluntary.

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In a free market nothing is legal, regulation is voluntary.

Let me explain what I understand "to decriminalize" something means. In order for something to be decriminalized, it has to have first been made illegal. To legalize something means to give license to an act, thereby putting it under regulation of law by a governing body, with a threat of violent force for non-compliance. To make something illegal means to not give a license to do something and enforce it's prohibition with violent force. Rain for example, as far as I can rationalize, is impossible to legalize or make illegal, however the collection of water and commercialization of water can be and has been legalized or in some cases made illegal; since to do so, an individual, company or corporation, by law, must be licensed or follow limitations established by law. If an entity is not licensed or fails to follow limitations establish by the government, then the government will have them fined or arrest individuals for non compliance. In a absolutely free market, nothing is legal, or in other words licensed by government and enforced by violence. Instead regulations and standards can and should be simple educational tools, available for individuals to make reasonable choices.