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Check again...

It's there. And Chuck mentions these churches every Sunday during the service. You can watch Chuck's message live, starting at 2:30 MST on the Liberty Fellowship website at Many people have dumped their 501(c)3 pasator/churches and have started to attend by watching Chuck's church online. We've been attending now for about 7 months and really enjoy the people, and the message.

BTW, please send a fond greeting to your pastor. You're a fortunate man to have a man of God who's willing to take a stand for liberty. We moved 1600 miles to Montana to join Chuck in his fight. We know that there are thousands of Christians who're leaving "organized" churches because of the lack of willingness for pastors to take a stand.

Listen to this message - it's very good to explain the church of the 21st. century in America -

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"