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No I'm not. Breaking the chains of religion was the best thing

I ever did. So many people are working to regain their freedom from an out of control government yet voluntarily remain shacked to the chains of false religous dogma.

Let me ask you a few questions:

1 - In Genesis 22, God commanded Abraham to take his son, Isaac, to Moriah and sacrifice him with a knife upon an altar. Ultimately, God spared Isaac and told him it was a test of faith. However, if God is/was truly omniscient (all-knowing), would he not have already known the measure of Abraham's faith? And wouldn't this have been traumatizing and cruel for both Dad and the son?

2 - If God commanded you, as he did Abraham to take one of your kids and kill it as a demonstration of your faith and obedience, would you do it? Would you kill me if we ever met since the bible indicates you should since I'm a non-believer?

Do you not find it somewhat ironic that no verifiable miracles have taken place in over 2000 years? Whats the reason for faith? Why not perform miracles...especially for individuals like myself who will not take another persons word for such fantastic claims? You see, many atheists would be happy to change from non-believers...all it would take is evidence. The fact of the matter is, all the gods...all 10,000+ that have come and gone over the years have been creations OF man based on (mostly) Kings and rulers using the fear of the unknown to control the minds of the masses.

If you ever take the time to research the orgins of government and the orgins of will not come away with a stonger conviction that "god" is some supreme being that transends time and will learn that governments and preists have worked with (and against) each other for the control of their flocks....flocks of sheep it turns out.

Magic does not exsist. Virgins do not give birth and remain virgins. Animals have never spoken human language, no living mammal has ever been killed...buried for 3 days and then came back to life...and a 600 year old man did not get the procreation process back into full swing by banging his sister.

If %70 of the population STILL beleive such easier for me to understand how the government can fly weaponized drones into the WTC and pentagon and then tell the people all those "planes" vaporized...AND THEY BELIEVE IT!

You see daily how the government lies to us. Is it really that hard to believe that the one major tax exempt organization isn't doing exactly the same thing? Its about controlling the masses and LOOTING THE PEOPLE!