Comment: Sorry if you had trouble understanding what I wrote

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Sorry if you had trouble understanding what I wrote

but perhaps you could try providing a refutation through a deeper analysis of the word duolos as opposed to dismissing an explanation because it doesn't fit the paradigm of a version written nearly 400 years ago, that did not benefit from the last 100+ years of scholarly research into ancient Greek and Hebrew.

The KJV of 1611 was not inspired by the Holy Spirit and is certainly not above textual criticism. It was a revision of the 1568 Bishop’s Bible, which was a revision of Matthew’s Bible of 1537, which was essentially the completion and revision of Tyndale's work of 1534. The ESV is vastly superior to the KJV in the translation of Greek and Hebrew verb tenses, among other benefits, such as the elimination of archaic English - including words no longer in use or that have changed meaning over the preceding four centuries.

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