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Liberal silliness

If sub-Saharan Africans produced great civilizations, it was in the distant, distant past and no reliable evidence of those civilizations exists. The population that created great things (working with your fantasy that they existed, I mean) is gone as well. Today's black African population has a very low IQ and has not demonstrated any capacity for functioning in complex societies.

It's just that simple. We don't know who did what in Egypt, and whatever took place that far in the past is irrelevant, as today's black African (and other backward) populations are very well understood. That's what must be dealt with.

Many creatures can survive in the desert with more ease than any high IQ individual could. Doesn't elevate lizards and cacti by human standards.

I'm not arguing for white supremacy. I'm arguing against the key tenet of Marxism, which is that people are biologically equal, and therefore unequal outcomes mean that those who are successful must be cheating. Certain groups have been primitive throughout known history, and continue to run on primitive programs today. Unscrupulous whites may take advantage of them, but that doesn't mean they're quantum physicists waiting to happen. They're primitive according to brain and body (hormone levels, rate of maturation) makeup. That's just how it is.