Comment: This is absurd - Request for Moderator Deletion

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This is absurd - Request for Moderator Deletion

This is absurd and counter to the posting guidelines you voluntarily agree to abide when using the Daily Paul.

Further, this is not humorous in the least. Please show some decorum and self-censor by removing this tripe.

House Rules Excerpt

  1. No profane, disrespectful or divisive language
  2. Spell check and grammar check your work before posting, and refrain from excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS
  3. Do not post the ENTIRE text of articles from other sites. This is copyright infringement, and could get you, me, and this site in trouble. (In fact, it already has!) Feel free to post a short intro, and then a link to the original article. Understanding fair use would be wise, also.
  4. Do not post racist, sexist, pornographic or otherwise obscene materials

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