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I'm going to ask you to do something

John, first let me say from my heart..."Peace brother"!

Your heart is fixed on what you believe or do not believe.
I respect that, and I nor anyone else can change that, but there is some One who can.

We Christians are simply people with feet of clay and sinful hearts, who stumble along ( a lot of stumbling for me ) in this life, looking upward with every step knowing who we are and who we need for everything. We are what we are by the grace of God.

We are simply passing on to whomever we can, whenever we can, the truth of the Gospel that our Lord tells us to pass along, and hopefully we do this in love!

Jesus Himself, not I, is the One who makes the rules and tells all mankind that if you are not with Him, then you are against Him!

Choose you this day whom you will serve saith God.

It is He, who gives the one and only one option, not we!

It is also He, and He alone who can change ones heart and mind to come out of the darkness and vanity of this world and be conformed to His image, not we.

We do our best, pitiful as it may be at times, to share the "Good News" knowing that He will save some, at His time, according to His good pleasure.

The work of the devil and his minions, is to keep as many away from Christ as possible, to deceive them in evey way, temptations, lies, with false doctrines and false salvations and false peace telling them all is well with their souls and to just keep living as you do in this sinful world enjoying all it offers, because God understands.

I am going to ask you to take 1 hour and 9 minutes and watch a video about a preacher named Charles Spurgeon. Maybe you've heard of him.

He was one whom God used to preach to millions throughout these years of his time on earth and through his books that are on bookshelves throughout the world today.

He spoke very simple and plain for all to understand the simple Truth of salvation offered unto all who would believe.

PLEASE, when you have time, instead of watching something else, watch this movie/documentry and see what God did with him.

Peace, Love, Joy and Hope for all who look unto to Him!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~