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Oh no Michael! The 33 1/3 series

This is the first one I got.

I have picked up a few others along the way, but have never heard of Pavement. I spent some time on Amazon poking around and there are a ton of them. This could be a downward spiral. I ordered a few already. I also ordered There’s a Road to Nowhere. It is funny that you say that he sounds self indulgent at times because the crowd over at goodreads had similar complaints about Grab on to me Tightly. I could see glimpses of that occasionally.

I posted this book in here a while ago called Love is a Mix Tape. The writing style is similar to Grab on to me Tightly. It is about a guy who chronicles life through playlists and mixed tapes. He tells the story of falling in love through various mixed tapes he made while he was falling for his future wife. They were a young couple and they were so happy. She died very young, very early, and they hadn’t even been fortunate enough to be married very long. Not really a spoiler as it is revealed in a roundabout way pretty early on. Anyways, after she dies he is left to mourn and grieve through the mixed tapes and playlists he had made while they were together. Those tapes and playlists capture memories that might otherwise have been forgotten. Sometimes the playlists hurt him a little, but it was how he chose to mourn. Imagine that. Mourning through music. I read it a few years ago, and thought it was cute then, but I picked it back up about a year ago. It was right around Christmas time last year, it had a different effect on me the second time around.
He also wrote this one which I have not read yet, and another one I posted in here called Talking to Girls about Duran Duran.

They are much more light hearted than Love is a Mixed Tape. He is the kind of person who does not understand the world around him at all, and the only way he seems to be able to apply any logic to any of it is by creating playlists to help him through. He also eventually went on to write for Rolling Stone. It’s like dancing about architecture.