Comment: I'll certainly pick up a copy if I find one at the thrift store.

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I'll certainly pick up a copy if I find one at the thrift store.

And not to argue or anything, but Creature didn't really surprise me that much (I read None Dare Call It Conspiracy when I was 12). I'd read much of it previously when referencing the index for a particular question. The cover-to-cover read was more of a personal challenge. The section by section breakdown in each chapter made it ideal for reading in my (ahem) personal private reading room, just a section or two a day after reviewing the previous section.

What did surprise me though was learning about how the fed is not only not a federal agency (of course) but also not a privately owned entity (!) but a cartel, with shares that can't be exchanged and don't carry voting rights. (I believe the Green Bay Packers may have modeled their 'shares' program on this idea...)

Mr. Griffin did well by referencing Report From Iron Mountain. My only real suggestion for a 6th edition would be to cover some of what Major George Racey Jordan did in his second and final book before his untimely and mysterious death Gold Swindle: The Story of our Dwindling Gold which outlines how gold miners in the '40s were ordered to remove their gold mining equipment so it could be sent to Russia. No online text is available yet except for the first 3 chapters which I transcribed here . That and fixing the 2 typographical errors of course...

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