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I know, there are a ton of them!

That's why I said I can't wait read the one you write.

The first time I saw them was earlier this year at Blackwell's bookstore in Oxford. There was a whole table filled with them. It was exciting, but at the same time a little overwhelming. OMG, I'm never going to be able to read all of these, I thought. (Though maybe one day I'll get a speedreading microchip for my eye.)

Here's some Tom Waits from Rain Dogs. There's no 33-1/3 for that one, though there is for Swordfishtrombones. Maybe I can write that one someday.

Love is a Mix Tape. I'm going to check it out. Just downloaded a sample onto my Kindle.

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Rainy, grey day in Taipei. Are you in Thailand?

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