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Comment: Maybe we could've, but you just falsely accused me & insulted me

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Maybe we could've, but you just falsely accused me & insulted me

...again, completely baselessly.

First off I am not Granger. I don't speak for her or vice versa.

Then after you claim we can find common ground you falsely accuse me of..

"1)Both of you guys want to use the 'government' to endorse your personal 'beliefs',2) neither of you actually CARE about the people YOUR government is KILLING.3) You both ENJOY 'freedom' as long as YOUR government supports the KILLING of innocent people.4) You both will turn your heads and support it until it turns on YOU

You make NO attempt to find common ground. You falsely accused me of all that stuff. Now, speaking for myself not Granger, I'll address it..

1) In what way? Please tell me HOW or WHY you believe that. False accusation.
2) I don't care??! How dare you make such a claim, like you know my heart! And since you stress that the government is MY government, is the American government not yours too, are you not American?
3) I enjoy the exact same 'freedoms' and lack-thereof, that you do, assuming you are American as you claim. Have you seen my threads, have you checked them out? As for the idea that I enjoy my government killing people, or whatever you're trying to say... you're seriously nuts pal, sicko, get help. Again, how dare you, scumbag! That's right, you've earned the label, a hundred times over.
4) How am I turning my head to anything??! I supported Ron Paul and have been fighting for liberty as much as I possibly can. The government is turning on me, and so will National Socialists like yourself...

I think you may think because I am not anti-Israel that I must be an Israeli citizen.... HA!! HA!! HA!!! you nincompoop!!!

Is that what you mean by YOUR government???!!!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?