Comment: I understand having problems with "supremacists".

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I understand having problems with "supremacists".

The problem that I have with that label is that it is often thrown around carelessly, with no regard for the actual opinion of those who are so labeled, except that their opinion is deemed inappropriate.

We are different. As this article, Differences in Educational Achievement Owe More to Genetics than Environment, and others suggest, many of our physical and psychological differences are in fact genetic, rather than environmental. That is not to say that any group is superior to another. It only says that we have different physical and psychological responses to stimuli, which happen to be more similar in people with more similar genetics.

The Constitution only limits governmental suppression of freedom of speech. That is true. But, these labels are used merely to shut people up. Many people have opinions that they will express privately, but will never admit publicly, because they live in fear of being labeled "racist" or "neo-nazi". This is the reason that I commented on this topic at all. In the majority of cases, these pejorative labels are directed at White people. How often does anyone see non-Whites called "racist"? Many times, we are thusly labeled solely because we object to policies, applied to us as a group, which are bad for us, but we are expected not to object as a group. We object, not because we want to dominate others, but because the policies HURT us, as is demonstrated in Tobias Langdon's article, Verbal Venom: Biological Parallels for Western Pathologies, which poses the question, "Are accusations of hate and racism the verbal equivalents of neurotoxins used by parasites?"

When people with legitimate concerns for their own future are pushed into the margins and alienated for their opinions, how far away are we from passing laws to put people in jail,as is being done in many European countries, for expressing whatever opinions the current power determines are not acceptable? And then, how much longer will we have until such suppression leads to violent conflict, as is also occurring worldwide?