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Full post to come

Glenn Greenwald took exception to Sibel Edmonds’ recent article questioning his “Checkbook Journalism” approach to releasing all those “Edward Snowden Manufactured Hero” leaks he’s been selling here and there.

So Glenn, doing his level best to protect his new “brand” of journalism (worth all of a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS FINANCED BY HIS BILLIONAIRE GLOBALIST SUGAR DADDY, Pierre Omidyar of Pay Pal ), went after Sibel in his usual way.

(The “Greenwald as hero” brand is worth a lot more than just that quarter of a billion dollars. He’s got a book deal out of “Edward Snowjob” and a movie deal in the works as well (hey, I hope that CIA director who did Zero Dark Thirty does Glenn’s movie. That would be GREAT). If he plays his cards right, Glenn could be a billionaire after leaking all this “truth” to us. BIG MONEY GREENWALD! Working his way up to Arriana Huffington status, huh? No more producing gay porn websites for Daddy Warbucks Greenwald! Hey, maybe he can finally pay off those tax debts)

Well, turns out, some other NSA whistle-blowers contacted Sibel and informed her that it is well known that PayPal had been in bed with the NSA forever and that likely, with 50,000 “leaks”, some of them would have to involve Glenn new investor sugar daddy’s company.

So, why hasn’t “truth teller Greenwald”, all American anti-establishment hero, revealed those “leaks”?

This guy ponders the notion that since Greenwald is effectively owned by Pierre and he’s sitting on all those “leaks” like they’re his property (I wonder why no one whacks Glenn prior to him releasing them or has him arrested and shipped back to the states?) , doesn’t that actually mean the “leaks” are now owned by PayPal?

Anyway, the story goes even deeper than that. Apparently some former NSA spook claims that not ONLY are there specific documents in that pile of 50,000 “leaks” that pertain to PayPal and the NSA being in bed together handing over all your data, BUT… get this… there was actually a DEAL written up, a contract if you will, written up between the U.S. government and Greenwald

“BFP was recently contacted by a retired NSA official who claims that the documents obtained by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden contain extensive documentation pertaining to NSA’s partnership with major U.S. financial institutions, including credit card companies and PayPal Corporation. The official, who requested anonymity, also alleges that a deal was made in early June, 2013 between the journalists involved in this recent NSA scandal and U.S. government officials, which was then sealed by secrecy and nondisclosure agreements by all parties involved.” BFP

What’s that? A contractual arrangement between the government (CIA?) and Mr. Greenwald regarding how and when and where to leak these “leaks”?

And why doesn’t he get busted or suicided by the CIA running around with 50,000 “leaks” that could bring down their empire of deceit? Oh, yeah, he has immunity apparently. and a book deal and a movie deal and a news network worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

Several REAL whistle-blowers (you know. the kind that aren’t invisible in transit hubs and don’t run away and hide from the press in Russia for no good reason… that kind) have spoken out saying the manner in which this is being handled by Greenwald is suspicious and downright insulting. They take exception to Mr. Greenwald signing on with one of the obvious culprits in this scheme.

Glenn is hemorrhaging brand value by the minute.

Well, it would appear that Glenn hasn’t taken all of this too well and the flame war is ON BABY!

According to Sibel, Glenn’s been pulling out all the stops. He’s calling her a “truther” (oh dead god no! [gasp]) and resorting to any and all die hard troll tactics he can come up with to protect his trembling empire to be. Calls her a “truther” calls her “stupid”…

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