Comment: I wished you hadn't said that.

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A couple months ago you were posting about the differences between the sect’s of the Jewish faith and it was impressive. Your thoughts were concise, intelligent, articulate and quite frankly very impressive. But then I read some of your post regarding the NWO and banking elite conspiracy and well to be honest it is naive. So I ask myself….how could someone be this intelligent and be so naive at the same time and the obvious conclusion is ……..He just doesn’t know. I mean this with all sincerity and really with a lot of respect. I see a very intelligent person wasting his God given talent…..please take this as constructive criticism, stop wasting your time on the conspiracy and wake up to the fact that we do not have a conspiracy problem……we have a philosophical problem. The difference is between Statism and Liberty. Study why we really have a constitution…..the real reasons…..the crimes that were committed…..crimes against Liberty. RP could use someone with your talent to spread the message of Liberty……you are a valued commodity.

I don't listen to AJ so I don't know what he has said lately....But I doubt he has all the sudden become intelligent.

There is an old say…."you can tell the measure of a man by the company he keeps"……Do you know David Icke……this guy is a special idiot.