Comment: Best of luck to you sir

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Best of luck to you sir

Listen guys. I feel that these e-cigs need to be embraced by those who are trying to quit. You buy a vape pen and go buy e-juice. The e-juice comes in hundreds of flavors, the nicotine levels you can choose are from 24mg Nicotine to 0mg Nicotine. This gives a good way to taper off. You can get them all made with safe 100% Vegetable Glycerin. Anyone who smokes, really needs to look into these. I got two of my friends some full setups for their birthdays and they have completely quit smoking cigarettes. They are now on only 6mg Nicotine level and soon will step down to 0mg. In which you are vaping pure vegetable glycerin. Now getting off of some of those fruity flavors might be a problem......