Comment: The MONKBURN Conspiracy!!!

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The MONKBURN Conspiracy!!!

DP has it's own conspiracy theory, just discovered!

As you probably heard, the TSA in St. Louis MO recently seized a TOY GUN from a SOCK-PUPPET MONKEY named Rooster MONKBURN!!!

This happened last week...

The DailyPaul has a fellow poster named MONKBURN, who on this very thread is being quite the SOCK-PUPPET MONKEY himself... ;P

Yet, this poster has held an account for well over a year... Long before the public would ever know hear about MONKBURN anything...
Has there been a recent name change in light of the recent events by the TSA?
Is MONKBURN the owner of Rooster Monkburn, the doll that was harassed by the TSA?
Is the whole thing a false-flag, that goes high up, including our own resident NSA sock-puppet?!!!

LOL... Enjoy that one MONKster

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?