Comment: Hey Ben, print more money! We

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Hey Ben, print more money! We

Hey Ben, print more money! We made like we are saving money by squeezing the no-voice unemployed men and women ("...the fact that the deal does not extend unemployment benefits"), those enslaved government working wonks("federal workers hired after Dec. 31, 2013, will have to contribute 1.3 percent more to their retirement funds"), and our dedicated, patriotic soldier boys and girls(" Veterans who retire from the military before age 62 will see a reduction in their annual cost-of-living benefit increase") reducing retired pay for those who serve a 20 year career by nearly 20 percent over their lifetime. You can now send over billions to keep the machine lubricated("...replaces $63 billion in money that was cut earlier this year")!! Man, we Ryans and Murphys are so good to our contributors, bet we are in line for lots of fat donations to our perpetual repetitive capture of these money making congressional seats! Let's see what else we can chalk up to our great great grandchildren to pay off and make believe it's helping the 'people' to garantee our upcoming re-election wins! --- If the above is not the truth, then this is not the worse Congress that has ever existed in US federal history.