Comment: my note to my district congressional representative

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my note to my district congressional representative

"When I saw that my congressional district representative supported a bill to indefinitely detain US citizens I though I must be seeing things (NDAA).

Do you even read what are in the bills you vote on? I have a sneaking suspicion that it is just a 'homework copy' type of moment where you ask your friends Gardner, Coffmann, Tipton, and Perlmutter what they are going to do.

How can you vote for a bill that is clearly against the Bill of Rights, the constitution, and human decency?

You don't represent me... Or anyone I know who lives in your district. Who's pocket are you in?

If your lame aids are going to reply to this with a generic email, forget about it. How do you even call yourself a representative? Must be hard to look in the mirror every day. At least everyone you speak to, at a minimum, knows you are lying to their face!"