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Good Luck!


Ron Paul's 2007 rEVOLution was a cake walk by comparison to petitioning for Nader's ballot access and open debates. The campaigns (96/00/04) had amassed dozens of law suits in dozens of states each election, and we lost every law suit they had, the ones they actually heard (many law suits they dismissed.. it was all about bankrupting the campaign).

It was a brutal experience, at one point, I received a call from a dectective 250 miles from me to tell me that I was being charged with assult. I thought there must be some kind of mistake.. the officer wouldn't tell me who, or much of anything, just kept asking me about the campaign and said the case was going to the DA and it would be up to the DA to make a case. We were constantly harrassed, vandalized, false arrests, broken noses, arms.. police would tell us to leave.. no help.. when I look back, to this day, I shudder.

I admit, I asked Ron Paul to run indy, and Kent Snyder told me that wasn't going to happen, so get on the bus or do what I want. I gave Nader a 4th vote (not because I agree with Nader politically, I agree that debates and ballots should be open and have worked hard, with a group of former poll workers like me who witnessed election fraud).

I didn't join the GOP until a little over two years ago. Ron Paul was right. I didn't want to be a republican.. but now I see, there is tons of opportunity.. we could all be making a living promoting liberty within the GOP.. and that is how we lose things like the tea party.. things get "co-opted_, because politics is business, and those who understand, make businesses. That's what we should be doing, county by county, state by state, candidate by candiate, issue by issue.. that's how we win.