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Been terribly busy...

I had taken a break from grad school for a while and just returned in August. I enjoy my new research much more now. I've been doing a lot of bash scripting (for batch calculations on a supercomputer) and Fortran programming (on some quantum chemistry software). I've also been learning quite a bit about parallel programming (programming software to utilize more than one cpu core).

Hopefully, I will get done sometime next year! I'm ready to have a regular job and make a little more money.

However, I'm trying to find the time for writing more. I enjoy it, and I think it has an impact.

Just yesterday, I introduced one of my Chinese colleagues to Anatomy of the State by Rothbard. He told me that Hayek's Road to Serfdom was popular in China! Remember, everyone is connected to everyone else by just 6 degrees of separation.

Soon our philosophy will take over the world! It's hard to stop the truth! Shit spreads like wildfire!