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I have been a member of DP for over 6 years, 6 months. Michael Nystrom (and dozens of DP users (if not more) know my real name, address, phone, email. I am not anonymous, and used to have all my personal information posted on my account page, until...

I changed my name from "The Granger" to "I_LOVE_ISRAEL", and voluntarily left DP for two weeks to wonder, "What happened to DP? We used to be able to discuss, now I'm getting threats?"

Nystrom and I ironically began exchanging emails two weeks after I stopped posting, and there was a few misunderstandings on my part.. Michael banned the word Israel.. which included a ban on my new name, I changed my name back to, The Granger, apologized for making Michael and the Mods work so hard, and came back to DP with this in mind:

I love Israel.. I am very happy about what I have come to learn and know about Israel. Really!!! I'm willing to share.. but I don't feel a need that I have to (though I feel bad in the way it's like finding a treasure chest full of gold.. when your friends tell you, they don't like gold, hate gold.. well.. you just keep the gold to yourself.. and I do).

The posts I make concerning Israel.. recently for example the peace plan between the world bank, Palestine and Jordan.. I would have to scroll YouTube through 460 vids before I would fine it today. Think Ron Paul was censored? Israel is censored!!! But DP community is not interested, except when someone makes a top post about what bad Israel does (boy is that easy to find / because it's programming, that you are buying.. but hey.. if you enjoy it.. GOOD FOR YOU!)