Comment: Money-Washing DC: IMF & World Bank Global Bank Headquarters

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Money-Washing DC: IMF & World Bank Global Bank Headquarters

That's All Folks! You go no further... Your job is to pay.

In 1944 the US approved its full participation in the IMF and the World Bank.> By 1945 the second League of Nations was approved under the new name 'The United Nations'. The war had dissolved all opposition. The methods used in the National Banking Act of 1864 and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 were now simply used on a Global scale.

The Federal Reserve Act allowing the creation of Federal Reserve notes (aka: cash) is mirrored by the IMF's authority to produce money called Special Drawing Rights (SDR's; as in drawing blood) It is estimated the IMF has produced $30 billion dollars worth of SDR's so far. In the United States SDR's are already accepted as legal money, and all other member nations are being pressured to follow suit. With SDR's being partially backed by gold (with a purple hue), a world gold standard is sneaking its way in through the back door, which comes with no objection from the money changers who now hold two-thirds of the worlds gold and can use this to structure the worlds economy to their further advantage.
That's All Foks!

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