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Losing You Too Soon -

So sorry to hear of your losses, and the heart break that followed each one. It reminded me of a book you might find some comfort in, written by Bernadette Keaggy, wife of guitarist/song writer Phil Keaggy, about their experiences with the same circumstances.

From that page:
"The Keaggys' experience mirrors that of many who have experience stillbirth or miscarriage and don't know where to turn for hope and healing.

In Losing You too Soon Bernadette writes with candor about the hurt and confusion that shook her, Phil, and their marriage as they dealt with the eventual loss of five babies. Her story does not offer simple solutions, but an example of finding the strength and courage to go on. Interspersed with the Keaggys' story is practical advice for dealing with and recovering from loss. Poignant letters from other couples reveal different facets of grief and coping.

Many people who have experienced such a loss know how hard it is to find someone can truly understand what they are going through. For such readers, or those who seek to comfort them, Losing You to Soon is a source of profound encouragement and a reminder that God promises grace and hope in the midst of even the deepest pain."

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