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Stockman could be

just the right man to challenge Corny. He's the new 'Champion of Gunowners' of the GOA, which they are running radio adds praising him in the Houston market at least. He could get Dr Paul's endorsement, since he has supported Dr Paul. He is a favorite of Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party. He also, is 1 of 3 who vote 100% for Liberty in Congress (Rand sadly hits 93%, that's 7% against Freedom!) in the The New American's 'Freedom Index'. Corny is at a whopping 68%.
I think Stockman will take the offensive against Corny, but he will have to defend past accusations against him, which seem similar to the BS attacks on Dr Paul. If he tells the people what Corny really is, and proves he doesn't represent the interest of hard working Texans he could defeat him. I think he will be more direct and to the point than even Cruz was against Dewhurst.