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Comment: Huston we have a problem, we need to recognize it

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Huston we have a problem, we need to recognize it

I totally agree with Michael, it's his site and its clear there is no place for racism on a RP site, especially because of the MSM attack on Ron was alleged racial remarks in the news letter. That being said, the black family has been devastated by the good intentions of government. Rand Paul spoke about it earlier this year at Howard University, no other Republican would even consider that, they would prefer just to ignore the problems.

One of my sons best HS friends is black and spent a lot of time with our family, at BBQs and family functions. I noticed he would be observing me at times, I'd catch him looking at me as I interacted with the kids. Later I found out he never had a Dad, he was observing me because he never was around a father. One year he gave me a fathers day card because he though of me as a Dad. IMO much of the problems with society today is the break up of the family, D503 was looking at the symptoms without knowing the reasons.