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Well who defines morals?

AS far as biblical? It does creator also,but just what/whom is that? IDK
What I do know (maybe) is that no man can stand above another,by this I mean
No man has a greater worth,no man has the right or the authority over another man,and none are more important than I. I was given a mouth,and the words to use,does another have any right to say to me(these words are bad,these are banned,or these words will keep you of heaven,or whatever?)
Men makes the words bad they want bad,does it necessarily mean they are?
the bible uses the word ASS,this same word was cited as being man
Now just because I can,doesn't mean I will or plan to
Your last paragraph was totally UN-necessary (to me),you have been here long enough for me to understand you,and I don't get into that group think speak as others do
AS far as biblical values,I am not so sure it accurate.I do not know who created them words.What i stand on,others might not,and vice versa.I knew not to harm others,and to treat others as I want to be treated,this was before church,or even knowing how to read or write.This doesn't mean I always get the same treatment,as I usually Don't
Years back there was a movie out,the main character kept saying "yo Momma"
our young kids heard it,thought it funny,so started repeating it,some black folk here,heard it called the cops for racist remarks. the cops showed up,threatened us with CPS,threatened the kids (who were minors)
the main character I believe was Eddie Murphy.
These same black folk,before this encounter were calling us mayo,cracker,white bread,we thought nothing of it,name calling doesn't hurt
When this was mentioned to the cops,IT WAS NOT RACIST REMARKS,so I see that
as selective enforcement,but only for one side,and it is used to control one group and hold another higher

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.