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I am 3 years and two months myself. You say cold turkey is hard but the fact is that the ninety percent of all "successful" quits are cold turkey.

When you get tired of spending all that money. When you get tired of hacking and coughing. When you get tired of being winded or gasping for air after exertion. When you get tired of thinking of the tobacco companies getting rich off of your declining health. When you get tired of feeling chained to a pack of cigarettes.

Quit. Knowledge is power.

When quitting cold turkey, for the first three days, you will have about six intense physical cravings a day that will last for NO MORE THAN 3 minutes each. (you can time them if you don't believe me) Anyone should be able to handle a mere 18 minutes of discomfort a day.

After that it is all mental cravings usually brought on by smoking triggers. (times or events that you associate with smoking) At this point it is simply a matter of identifying the trigger of your craving so that your brain doesn't crave during those activities anymore. After 34 years I associated smoking with every aspect of life so it took me a whole year worth of experiences to out all of my triggers. And try not to dwell on the thought of smoking.

The number one way to stay quit is to learn the laws of addiction and never take another puff. Educate yourself.