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The Patrons of Husbandy is a fraternal organization that began in 1965, after the Civil war, to unite farmers to help resupply the nation with food.. The Grange became very political and has accomplished County and State fairs. Agriculture and Home Ec (now Food Science) in Universities, Rural mail route. The Grange was before social security, so as Grangers, we are our life insurance.. farming, fencing, logging, canning.. today most Grangers are off grid and remnants in very rural areas.

The Grange operates like a political party, but it's not about promoting party, candidates (though we do vet candidates) and we vet issues, farm issues especially. We are established I think 30 states.. National Grange has an 11 story building ion Wash DC, state Granges, then what we call a Pomona Grange is county.. my county has 9 subordinate granges, several are off grid, solar, passive enrgy, biofuel.. we teach these programs at some granges..

Right now the National Grange is pissed off at CA Grange.. but we will work it out. At the Grange I learned Roberts Rules of Order, how to write resolutions, inniatives, work with a obbiest (industrail hemp).. and how to work conventions.. and it's interesting at the CA convention, I saw grangers..