Comment: I don't disagree but

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I don't disagree but

to whom is this aimed? Do you find people here on DP have a simplistic understanding of any of these persons?

Except for Lincoln, who few would disagree was pure evil, you could start a lively thread discussing the relative merits of these people and it would be well informed. You might even find some Lincoln apologists.

Maybe this goes on here but I don't see it much.

As for the critique of Murray, that's not the one I would use. All he said was that we shouldn't use guns to force parents to feed a child. That is a valid point. If you're going to take unilateral action, then feed the child yourself. Leave the gun in your holster.

The biggest problem with Murray is he didn't follow his own logic all the way through. He, like Dr Block, thinks that the laws of a free society would somehow always conform the to NAP. They will mostly, but not always. That's not much of a critique because arguably no one would have even given any serious thought to a free society without Rothbard's economic foundation for it in the first place.