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APM is a necessary (but not sufficient) step,

towards creating a Matrioshka Brain.

So, is developing APM a threat to Liberty? (I don't quite know, and am really asking; many things that it enables can be seen as threats.)

I've long entertained the idea that we're living in a simulation. Consider that we are, and we're running on some grad student's professor's computer, taking only a few percent of the resources. Currently we resolve whole objects, like "table", "chair", "dog", etc.

Once we develop nanotechnology, we will be resolving every atom. This might take most of the resources of the professor's computer, who will then say "ok, shut this down, I'm trying to get some work done."

Thus, developing nanotechnology will, instead of being our savior, be our downfall.

Yeah, I'm just writing screenplays in my head but it's still fun to share. :)

I agree that the so-called "elite" (how can one be top of class when one wants to kill the class? Or, I suppose I just answered the question, if they destroy all the other buildings then theirs is the tallest) might be ahead of the game. But they need to convince us deep thinkers to play the statist game -- my thoughts are, they get some deeper-than-shallow thinkers, but they won't get those who can see through the Federal Reserve scam, and they need those in order to produce and further the Tesla technologies.

And I also will state, here for all time, that if not everyone here agrees, I'll leave this solar system to itself, and wrap all the others with Matrioshka Brains. (Which doesn't mean someone else won't try to do it to this sol; and also doesn't mean that my efforts won't end up causing some galactic tidal forces out here at the unfashionable end of this spiral arm.) And will try my utmost to find life, before taking any other solar system apart and reconfiguring it.

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