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There are a couple of points

There are a couple of points I would like to make:

1)For those who bother to look into it, slavery isn't an albatross around Jefferson's neck. Those who looked into it understand that Jefferson wasn't permitted by Virginia law to allow 'his' inherited slaves to go free. He was forced to keep his slaves or he would be going to jail.

2) Ben Franklin saw to it that both Jefferson and Adams where not even on the continent when the convention was being held to Amend the Articles of Confederation. Franklin promised the Anti-Federalists to be on their side, while he also promised that he would be on the side of the Federalists. To live up to his promises Mr. Franklin paved the way at the convention for the Federalists to propose the Virginia Plan, and then when the Anti-Federalists apposed the plan, Mr. Franklin would support their efforts leaving a divided congress. This afforded Mr. Franklin the situation to propose a compromise -a whole new document. A document which both Mr. Adams and Mr. Jefferson would have no control of the contents there of.