Comment: Is Predation Limited to Lower Forms of Life?

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Is Predation Limited to Lower Forms of Life?

I'll make a currently non-provable guarantee here: Predation extends throughout ALL creation from the chief angel (Lucifer) downward through the food chain. ;) If a reader can't see this rather obvious truth now, just keep waiting. Technologically advanced "beings" aren't necessarily altruistic. Examples from non-canonical works like the Book of Enoch clearly demonstrate the latter case. Scientists and their limited theories based on the five senses can wait for more concrete, gulp, evidence. ;)

Except for the Holy Trinity, our current world is a product of advanced "beings" corrupting a perfect creation (Lion will lie down with the Lamb) into one based on predation. No, I seriously don't believe circumstantial evidence, e.g. abductions and cattle mutilations, indicate for one second that advanced "beings" are here to improve humanity's overall condition. Rather, advanced "beings" are here to further their own nefarious and predatory agenda. If proselytes of the Space Brother club survive their extraordinary experience intact and are possibly healed from some malady, they'll likely become uncritical proselytes of Space Brother propaganda. Agreed, many so-called Christians fall into the same category. God objects to a pompous and arrogant heart, not a genuinely critical one based on ignorance. Wait for a blatant manifestation of advanced predation if you must.