Comment: Am I blinded by passion or do I see the truth clearly?

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Am I blinded by passion or do I see the truth clearly?

Are you blinded in your 100% acceptance of the Bible? The difference between us is that I reject the parts of the Bible that are unjustifiable, inconsistent, or ascribe evil to the Almighty. No amount of faith on my part will ever attribute evil to God. I will never try to justify God killing defenseless innocents. Whenever I ask a Christian Do you believe that God killed babies, I can never get a straight answer. The answer is clearly yes, God killed babies. What is the big deal? They always hedge about this answer. Why? The most defenseless being on the planet slaughtered by the most merciful being in the universe IS the quintessential contradiction, which is why I am so passionate about this issue. You want to forget about it and pretend that it doesn't exist. You are blinded by your denial of such a thing repeatedly occurring. No, no big deal at all. Where is the forest here? Where are the trees? I see a baby hatched to pieces by some madman, who got their orders from another madman, who claims God told him to do so? Well, golly! That sounds just wonderful.

I believe that God is good, 100% good.
I believe that God is consistent, 100% consistent.
I believe that God is logical, 100% logical.
Do we agree so far?

Killing babies, pregnant women, and children, whether in time of war or not is wrong, 100% wrong.
Whether the order comes from the government or God is irrelevant. If this order comes from someone who received the order from a third party makes it even more irrelevant.

Conclusion: Any passages in the Bible that states God told someone to go and tell others to kill without mercy is an abomination to God. In my mind, that will be the first question God is going to ask us when that time comes.
God: Do you believe that I would ever tell someone to tell someone else to go kill baby-after-baby without mercy? I will say as fast as I can "NO." You will say "yes, you killed babies because it says it in the Bible." We'll see what happens after that.