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Sibel Edmonds went through hell

when she told her story…on American soil. She didn't run off to foreign (communist) countries to "spill the beans". She stood her ground, was gagged, mistreated, and intimidated. To me, she stood for freedom, and still does.
Mr Greenwald and his side kick, Laura Poitras however, have a fishy smell about them. They were funded by the Left (MacArthur Foundation) and "broke" through the Left media. Something smells Progressive!
Whenever a crime has been committed, the first question asked is..Who profits?
Glenn Greenwald has profited by 250 MILLION dollars from the Snowden leaks.
Take good care that you are not being duped into driving control of the internet to the UN.
If you wonder why the UN shouldn't take charge, Google UN Agenda 21. these "people" have a plan for the next 100 years,…..have you?