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my thoughts

I would hope that next time, the right of secession is included in the bill of rights. All states, municipalities, individuals must have this right recognized by a restrained government.

I would like to see it forbidden for politicians to be afforded any measure of protection against harm while within our own borders, except what they purchase themselves. Perhaps if the risk of being shot were real, they would attempt to mitigate that risk by not pissing off the people so much.

No law passed that doesn't apply to politicians.

Police can not carry firearms while on duty, only permitted to store them inside the trunk of their car for times when necessary such as responding to a bank robbery.

All citizens allowed to carry and own firearms everywhere, any time, hy any means chosen, to include military-grade hardware and including minors with parent permission.

Central banks forbidden. Lobbyists forbidden. Receiving money from businesses while in office forbidden.