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His Captain made him do it

From the article:

"The gift comes a year NYPD Officer Larry De¬Primo bought a pair of $100 Skechers boots for a shoeless homeless man on a frigid night in Times Square."

I'm sure this cop just happened to have "more than one" sweatshirt just lying around on the anniversary of this other staged event.

Here's my impression of the Captain:

"Hey Ramos! I just got off the phone with the NY post and they agreed to help us with some 'community outreach'. Grab one of those spare sweaters that the people of New York paid for and go down to 37th and Chelsea. A photographer goes by the name of William Farrington will meet you down there. Now, normally you would just beat/shoot/arrest the homeless right? Not today. Today you pose for a picture with them...and no, you don't have to touch them"