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Comment: REALLY do try to think, otherwise better to remain silent .....

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REALLY do try to think, otherwise better to remain silent .....

Trying to argue Mandela is a hard core proven Marxist-communist is no different then arguing that the founding fathers of America are monarchist, for the assistance and support they successfully solicited from France.

Claiming Mandela to be a communist only shows a person’s lack of depth in critical thinking (thinking from themselves v. being fed by the media), a very un-libertarian approach. I know why it is very hard to be a neutral person and see things with a rigorous intellect - requires to much effort. So we bail out and take easier path of being opinionated without a sound foundation, it is human trait that comes readily. Who really wants to make an effort to really think?

Mandela at his core (even if he is claimed to be a card carrying communist), never practiced it as he was to independent minded to be boxed into any "isms". The proof is in the pudding, he was never even charged in court for being as such. His sworn testimony and famous speech he gave in court made it clear of his objectives.

But then again what would his detractor's know about his character, they never made an effort to understand him, darker yet there is often an agenda behind their attack.