Comment: "being aware of your triggers, and ..."

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"being aware of your triggers, and ..."

"being aware of your triggers, and being able to interrupt your patterns is important" <===should say VERY important.

Try it one day. Rather than getting out of bed and reaching for cigarettes (come on, FIRST thing?), make yourself wait until after a shower, or breakfast. Rather, than breathing smoke, right after a meal (for dessert? really?), try an apple, or anything not self-destructive, instead. Enjoy some real flavor, then have the smoke later if you still want it, or make yourself wait thirty more minutes. You have that much will don't you? Don't pressure yourself to stop something you "enjoy?" [LOL]. Only, put it off for a little while longer than usual. It's really easier than you think. Don't think about it. Just do it. I guarantee, you will find yourself wanting them less every time you pick them up.